2009-07-07 17:51:16 by KidCrisis

You dont gotta belive me when I say my city aint no joke.

But you will belive this...

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Fruity Loops 8.5

2009-06-06 03:10:52 by KidCrisis

I has anyone tried it? Is it any better? Pro cons?

Still no Power of 3 team

2009-05-25 20:08:02 by KidCrisis

Well I've gotten a few offers but none of them were serious, I need to get in with some people thats serious about this man!
Hit me up seriously I can do all kinds of music!!! I may not be the greatest but I am far from the worst!

And its just a matter of time before I become the best!

"Friends aint friends, just some coo ass n***as."

R.I.P. Blade Icewood aka King of Detroit

Still no Power of 3 team

Gettin it in

2009-05-07 02:18:49 by KidCrisis

Remember to keep checkin me out people! I'm back and plan on makin it to the top!